Truckee Tomorrow

Place-Based Marketing Initiative - Project Information



1.   What is this project all about?

  • This project is Phase One of a Place-Based Marketing Initiative.
  • The goal is to develop a clear and consistent message that expresses the unique assets and personality of Truckee.  This message will serve as the foundation for all marketing tools providing one authentic, unified story.
  • The primary objective of this project is a new web site.

2.  Why do we need a Place-Based Marketing Initiative?

  • Truckee has a great image and reputation. However, “who we are” as a community, as expressed in marketing communications today, is disparate, conflicting and decentralized.  Our goal is to create one clear and consistent messaging platform that expresses Truckee’s unique assets and personality.
  • We will identify a look, feel, and style that conveys the authentic tapestry of our community through one comprehensive and thoughtful web site.
  • This web site will serve current and prospective residents, visitors and business owners with information that helps individuals find what they need in order to achieve their goals.  
  • user goals may include finding a job, a home, a school, starting or expanding a business, finding a special interest group, a hiking trail, a volunteer opportunity, an event, lodging, shopping, dining, real estate, recreation and more.
  • Every individual who successfully finds the information that he/she is looking for plays a valued role in sustaining our prosperous and vibrant community; now and for the future.
  • By developing one comprehensive web site featuring all of Truckee’s assets and attributes in one central location, we start to create a much more compelling and authentic story about Truckee.
  • With one unified message, and one central web site that highlights Truckee’s assets, attributes, and community with information about living, working, and playing in Truckee, we make it easier for individuals to choose Truckee as their home, destination or business location. 

3.  Who is involved in this project?

A group of over 50 community leaders -- representing a cross-section of businesses and industry sectors -- served as catalysts for this project five years ago. That group, known as "Truckee Tomorrow" was spearheaded by the Truckee Donner Chamber of Commerce Chamber, Town of Truckee, Nevada County, and Downtown Merchants Association and citizens to address our most recent recession. The focus was to identify projects that could help keep Truckee economically vibrant. A Place-Based Marketing Initiative was identified as one our greatest needs and highest priorities.

  • Public and Private Partners are funding the project.
  • This project involves extensive input from the community in the form of multiple workshops, surveys and interviews. 
  • A Project Management Team is steering this project which includes Colleen Dalton Marketing & Communications Director (Project Manager) , Scott Keith, owner of Keith Design Group, Lynn Saunders President and CEO of the Truckee Donner Chamber, Dave Sick Chamber Board Member and CEO of Brand Breadcrumbs and Advisors at various points online the project timeline.

  • 5. What happens after the web site is created?
  • Phase Two of the Place-Based Marketing Initiative is the continued improvement and refinement of the web site, with a marketing / communications plan that drives qualified users and inbound links to the web site thereby raising the “value” of this site in major search engines.

5.  How do you stay informed?

Please return to this web page for updates as we go along and keep an eye out for articles, updates and ads in our local papers.

Thank you for your interest, participation, help and passion for keeping Truckee vibrant, fun and a great place for everyone to enjoy!

The winner of the community online surveys was was Leslie Suen. Thank you to Tahoe Donner for donating dinner for two at The Lodge Restaurant & Pub.

UPDATE: On Feb. 9, 2016 -The Truckee Chamber provided a presentation as an update for Town Council about the Place-Based Marketing Initiative.

To view the presentation, please go to:

To watch the live recording, please go here. Click on " February 9, Town of Truckee, Town Council"