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TDPUD now offering FREE LEDs with Residential Energy Survey program

TDPUD now offering FREE LEDs with Residential Energy Survey program

Now Truckee Donner Public Utility District customers who sign up for a free Residential Energy Survey, will receive two free LED light bulbs as part of the deal.  

Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology is really taking off in residential and commercial lighting applications. Not only do LEDs save more energy and money than other light bulbs, LEDs are cool and look great.  Gone is that stark blue-white color. LEDs are now available in a variety of hues including a popular warm/soft-white.

Truckee Donner Public Utility District (TDPUD) has been helping their commercial customers transition to LEDs and improve their bottom line for years. In 2013, TDPUD introduced a $5 per bulb residential electric customer LED rebate and demand for this program has risen over 300 percent in one year. 

“The performance of LED light bulbs has really improved and the cost has dropped significantly,” said Trisha Ruby, Truckee Donner PUD conservation program administrator. “LED bulbs provide a great opportunity for customers to save energy, save money and have a comfortable lighting environment.” 

To get the free LED light bulbs, TDPUD customers can call the Conservation Department at 530-582-3931 for an appointment which will be scheduled for a certain day and time. Only current TDPUD customers qualify for this program. An energy surveyor will visit the customer’s home and conduct a visual survey.  Based on what is needed, the customer will be provided with free energy and water saving products, including installation of up to 24 energy-efficient light bulbs (including the two LEDs) and two shower heads.  The survey typically takes 90 minutes, from start to finish.

TDPUD is available to help customers chart a path to a bright LED future. Visit or call 530-582-3931 to learn more.  Even better, visit the TDPUD Conservation Department at 11570 Donner Pass Road where many shapes, sizes and color hues of LED bulbs are on display for customers to check out.

About Truckee Donner PUD:

The TDPUD is a non-profit, publicly owned utility agency created in 1927 and overseen by a locally elected board of directors. TDPUD provides the greater Truckee area with reliable and high quality water and power services while guiding the community to conserve resources. For more information about the TDPUD, call 530-587-3896 or visit