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Totally Board

Totally Board

Since 1994, Totally Board has been the premier snowboard and skateboard shop in Truckee. They pride themselves on the best customer service and product knowledge in the snowboarding and skateboarding industry. They carry a large line of both men's and women's snowboards as well as snowboards for kids. They also carry a full selection of skateboards and skateboard equipment. Whether you're looking for a parkboard or a longboard for cruising or carving, they carry the best skateboard brands in the industry.

They carry snowboard helmets and skateboard helmets, snowboard boots and skateboard shoes, snowboard bindings and skateboard trucks, snowboard goggles and snowboard gloves, skateboard wheels and skateboard bearings.

Come in and browse their year-round selection of snowboard clothing, skateboard clothing, streetwear, bikinis, boardshorts, t-shirts, hats, beanies, shoes and sunglasses. Need gear repair? They also have a full-service, in-house repair shop.

Located at 10060 Bridge Street or go to for more information.