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Tahoe Neuro Healing, Van Harding L.Ac

Tahoe Neuro Healing, Van Harding L.Ac

We are so excited to announce the new office space of Tahoe Neuro Healing, Van Harding L.Ac in the Pioneer Commerce Center. To find our more go to To book an appointment or have questions call or email Van Harding at  or 530-536-3556. Office is located at 10775 Pioneer Trail, Ste 212.   

1. The construction and installation of specialty equipment that sets TNH
apart from other neurological therapy clinics would not have been possible without the generous and technical support of Ciro and Katie Mancuso of Pioneer Commerce. They have been instrumental to our being able to bring these unique therapies to the Tahoe-Truckee community.
2. The creative talents of Joe Martin and The Real Graphics Source provided beautiful large scale graphics for the "Inspiration Wall". 
3. You can book appointments online and visit his booth at Truckee Thursdays.
Van Harding, has more than a decade journey and $200k education and is bringing his personal vision to Truckee and the world.


Licensed in California
California is one of the few states in the USA whereby a licensed acupuncturist is a Primary Care Provider and as such my scope of practice includes both modern biomedicine, the prescribing of laboratory tests and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Laboratory tests include but are not limited to blood, urinalysis, fecal tests, radiographs (x-ray), MRI, and CT scan. Treatment includes the practice of acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition therapy and Tuina, which is a form of hands on therapy to treat musculoskeletal pain and disorders.   Verify my license Cyril V. Harding

National Certification
All states in the USA, with the exception of California and Nevada, utilize the examination by NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) to assess and establish the qualifications and competency to practice acupuncture, herbal medicine, oriental medicine and biomedicine. The national certifications in all 4 areas permit registration to practice those approved disciplines within 43 states and the District of Columbia.   Read More about NCCAOM

Studied in China – Unique Specialization
Van studied in China at the Qingdao Neurological & Brain Hospital learning the techniques and protocols of Neuro-Acupuncture and Neurological Therapy for the treatment of Acute and Chronic Stroke, TBI or Concussion Syndrome.  This powerful form of modern acupuncture can end paralysis. Van’s practice includes emergency response to hospitals by request of family. The sooner the therapy is applied the faster and more comprehensive the results.The training for stroke and TBI is applicable to other Brain-based disorders.  See Video on HOME page: New Therapies For Stroke & TBI

Functional Medicine and Neuroendocrine Immunology
Van spent three additional years studying Neurophysiology, Neuroendocrine Immunology, Blood Chemistry, Functional and Orthomolecular Medicine to address the biochemistry aspects for treating brain injury and recovery of function. The other brain-based disorders he treats includes Emotional disturbances, Psychological & Psychiatric disorders, Neurodegenerative diseases of the brain, Aphasia, Apraxia, Memory Loss, Autoimmune diseases and Pain. In Chinese Medicine these disorders translate into disharmonies of Shen, Mind, Heart, Kidney along with Internal Wind, Phlegm Obstructing Orifices, Jing & Essence, Blood & Qi deficiencies and stasis/stagnation.

Certified Interactive Metronome Provider
Interactive Metronome is a computerized Neurological Therapy that provides real-time assessment and feedback of neuron function and improves neuron timing and sequencing. It enhances rehabilitation therapies such as physical, occupational and speech/language as well it treats ADHA, OCD, Autism and many other brain-based mental and cognitive disorders. The US Department of Defense and the Veteran’s Administration completed their study in 2013 of blast-brain injured soldiers and found that it also treated PTSD.